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Address: Room 413 , 59 Tianxiang Street, Chenghua District, Chengdu
Phone: 028-62634015
Business negotiation: Mr. Xie: 13684002789
Mr. Deng: 13709020582
After-sales service: Mr. Deng: 13709020582
Complaint Hotline: 13308201521


Box chiller
Low temperature chiller (including head fan)
Screw chiller
Bitzer semi-closed air-cooled unit
Low-temperature water-cooled chiller
3 screws in parallel (equipped with evaporative cooling)
Vortex air-cooled unit
Piston air-cooled unit
Meiyoule air-cooled unit
Low temperature cold trap machine (optical coating industry)
Air cooling test equipment
Coating hot and cold oil machine
Screw chiller
Bitzer-regular series
Bitzer-octagonal machine series
Bitzer-Two Stage Compressor Series
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Address: Room 413, No. 59 Tianxiang Street, Chenghua District, Chengdu Tel: 028-62634015
Contact 1: Mr. Xie: 13684002789 Contact 2: Mr. Deng: 13709020582